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Since I published my website on 21st June I've been waiting for the domain name to transfer over and I had a couple of little tweeks here and there (I still have actually - learning every day!) but then last night (or possibly the early hours of this morning!) I was finally ready to share my page.

Well, I wasn't expecting an online order so quickly! My Facebook orders and stall sales have been exciting enough, but this was especially exciting!! Birch Lea Soaperie is out there for the world to see and there's no feeling quite like that of someone actually paying money for a handcrafted item that so much time, effort, care and love has gone into. 

Here's a photo of my first online order all ready to go (for me to look back on with fond memories).


Thank you to all my customers so far - I can only hope the list of happy buyers gets bigger and bigger!

Leanne x

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